Google Hangouts CarPlay: How To Download & Use

If you’re someone that uses Google Hangouts frequently for chats and video calls, you may be wondering whether it can connect to CarPlay.

After all, it would be really convenient to schedule your chats and meetings while driving!

So, how do you set up and use Google Hangouts on CarPlay? 

Before we start, you cannot get Google Hangouts Carplay by default as the developers (Google), have not made it compatible with CarPlay. 

NOTE: For the VAST majority of people, the following process will not be a good idea due to the technicalities and limitations you will need to undertake. 

However, if you’re are still interested, here’s how to download and use Google Hangouts on CarPlay with 7 steps: 

  1. Ensure your Hangouts app is updated. 
  2. Install the CallKit app from the App Store. 
  3. Enable the CallKit voice control settings. 
  4. Install WheelPal from Carplayhacks. 
  5. Add Google Chats to Carplay through the WheelPal app. 
  6. Ensure your iPhone is jailbroken
  7. Test the app on CarPlay. 


Steps to Install the Google Hangouts CarPlay App (Google Chat)

The rest of this article will explore these techniques in detail and explain how to overcome the app restrictions on CarPlay.

I’ll also detail why CarPlay doesn’t allow you to download Google Hangouts and discuss the best suitable alternatives. 

1. Ensure Your Hangouts App Is Updated

example of where you could download the google hangouts carplay app

Before connecting Google Hangouts to CarPlay, you’ll have to ensure you have the latest version of the Hangouts app.

Go to your iPhone app settings and check that the hangouts app is updated. 

Is Google Hangout Being Phased Out?

Google Hangout is being phased out. Google has started to discontinue the use of Hangouts and is replacing it with Google Chat. Both apps have similar functionality, but Google Chat is an updated version of Google Hangouts that’s more focused on messaging. 

Since Google started to phase out the Hangouts app in 2021, you won’t be able to update your hangouts app. 

2. Install the CallKit App From the App Store 

To use Google Chat with all the voice control and call options, you’ll need to integrate it with CallKit. 

This app is available on the App Store and allows you to receive calls and messages from Google Chat, Whatsapp, and Messenger while your iPhone is locked.

Download the CallKit app and ensure it’s updated to the latest version. 

3. Enable the CallKit Voice Control Settings 

You’ll need to enable the CallKit voice integration settings to use all the functions of Google Chat without opening the app.

On the CallKit app, enter “Settings” and select “Answer on Lock Screen.”

This will allow you to receive calls from Google Chat even when your iPhone is locked. 

You’ll also be able to use Google Chat with Siri voice commands, which helps keep your hands on the wheel when driving. 

4. Install WheelPal From Carplayhacks

While Google Chat and Hangouts aren’t automatically available on CarPlay, you can still use them through a third-party app.

Carplayhacks has released the WheelPal app, which allows you to install Google Chat, YouTube, Netflix, and other unsupported apps on CarPlay. 

You’ll have to install the WheelPal app from the Carplayhacks website. Once you’ve downloaded the app, add it as a trusted developer on your iPhone.

Enter your phone’s settings and change the permission under “Profiles and Device Management.” 

5. Add Google Chat to Carplay Through the WheelPal App 

Once WheelPal is installed on your iPhone, you can now add most apps in CarPlay.

This process is quite simple and doesn’t require you to change any settings. Simply go onto the WheelPal app, select Google Chat and add it to CarPlay. 

If this step doesn’t work, it’s probably because your iPhone isn’t jailbroken and does not support tweaks in the original settings.

This problem will only arise if you’re installing an app that isn’t supported by CarPlay, even though it may work on your iPhone.

Apple has cited safety reasons for why Netflix, Youtube, and other apps aren’t available on CarPlay. 

If you want to install Google Chat on CarPlay, you’ll need to ensure your phone is jailbroken first.

The next step will address this part of the process. 

Does Google Chat Work With Apple CarPlay?

Google Chat does not directly work with Apple CarPlay. While Google Chat works with Apple’s iOS system and is available on the App Store, it isn’t available in CarPlay. The only messaging apps available on CarPlay are your iPhone’s messaging app, Whatsapp, and Messenger. 

However, you can use Google Chat on CarPlay through a third-party app.

You can also enable CallKit with Google Chat to control the app through voice commands and receive calls and messages when the phone is locked. 

6. Ensure Your iPhone Is Jailbroken

Most iPhones aren’t jailbroken until you change the settings to accommodate third-party apps that aren’t supported by Apple.

Regardless of how it may sound, jailbreaking your iPhone is the process of changing the settings to bypass some of the restrictions imposed by Apple. 

As long as you don’t make any changes to the security settings, jailbreaking your iPhone shouldn’t cause any problems.

Unless your iPhone is jailbroken, you won’t be able to allow CarPlay to install Google Chat. 

Follow these steps to jailbreak your iPhone: 

  1. Open the WheelPal app and try to pair Google Chat with CarPlay. 
  2. If this process fails, you’ll be redirected to tools that you can use to jailbreak your phone. If your phone’s iOS version is later than 14.6, you won’t be able to jailbreak your phone. 
  3. Before jailbreaking your iPhone, make sure you’ve backed up your data. 
  4. Download any jailbreaking tools recommended by WheelPal. 


Once your iPhone is jailbroken, you’ll be able to install most apps on CarPlay, even if they aren’t supported otherwise. 

What if You Can’t Jailbreak Your iPhone?

If you have an iPhone / CarPlay with an iOS 14.6 update or above, you won’t be able to jailbreak it.

In this case, you won’t be able to use Google hangouts CarPlay. If this is the case, you can use a different system like Android Auto or the InCar App.

While users with older iPhone versions could downgrade their iOS systems, this feature isn’t available in newer phones, and your only alternative is to use a different infotainment app on your vehicle. 

7. Test the App on CarPlay 

If your iPhone is jailbroken and you’ve enabled Google Chats on CarPlay through WheelPal, the last step is to test the app.

If you encounter problems with the app, check that the internet connection is stable and Bluetooth is enabled on CarPlay. 

Final Thoughts 

While CarPlay supports most messaging apps, Google Chat isn’t part of the list.

However, you can install Google Chat on CarPlay through a third-party app if your phone is jailbroken.

You can use the same app to install other apps on CarPlay to personalize your driving experience. 

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