German Car Stereo Brands: A Complete List

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When it comes to innovations that have taken place in car stereos, German car stereo brands are worth noting.

The German company Blaupunkt launched the first-ever car radio worldwide.

These manufacturers, like the Japanese car stereo brands, are noticeably great audio makers.

And has remained in the limelight till now as a producer of quality audio systems in the world.

If you want quality sound while you journey, you may look at some German car stereos. 

German Audio Brands – Car & Stereo

You probably might have heard the name but never knew they were German. So here, we have compiled a list of German car stereo brands you can explore.

Top German car stereo brands

The following are top German car stereo brands that have put their names in the pages of history.


Blaupunkt is a top German stereo manufacturer founded in 1923. Although they were originally manufacturers of headphones, they’ve dominated the car stereo world.

Robert Bosch initially owned it until 2009, when it was sold to Aurelius AG in Germany. However, after filing for bankruptcy in 2015 ( granted in 2016), it’s now managed by GIP Development SARL, Luxembourg.

When we talk about German audio brands that have brought innovations in car stereos worldwide,  Blaupunkt stands out. In 1949, they manufactured the first FM-capable car stereo. Then in 1989, it produced the first in-dash CD player. 

Blaupunkt has since produced different stereo models to suit various vehicles. Moreover, the movement of their production to China has even made them produce more quality products.

Their top stereos are Blaupunkt Bremen SQU 46 DAB, released in 1986 but equipped with modern features. The visible FM receptor, just like in the ’80s, is still intact but with a better look.

It utilizes a USB, is Bluetooth compatible, and can offer up to 32GB SD and SDHC. It features a three-band Semi parametric equalizer for sound balance for the best equalizer settings possible. In addition, the X-bass helps improve bass output even at lower volumes. 

This refined stereo delivers 4-channel preamp outputs, 50-watt power output, and a different subwoofer output. In addition, its short mount depth helps to update your car stereo system effortlessly. 

Other Blaupunkt brands include Blaupunkt Miami 620 6.2 inch touchscreen stereo, Blaupunkt Beverly Hills car stereo, etc. 

Blaupunkt also features as OEM for the Pontiac GTO 2004-2006 and Pontiac G8 2008-2009 model.

Blaupunkt Multimedia Receiver


Yet another innovative German car stereo maker. Burmester was birthed in 1977 by Dieter Burmester–a musician and engineer known for producing high-end electronics such as loudspeakers, car radio systems, etc. 

Burmester features as an OEM for many high-end cars globally, giving a fantastic concept to enjoying music. For example, their stereo is OEM for Mercedes, Porsche, and the Bugatti 16.4 VERYON.


Grundig was founded in 1945 by Max Grundig, with its headquarters at Nuremberg. The German stereo brand was initially for consumer electronics but now leads as one of the top car audio makers. 

Philips 1933 took complete control of the company after buying a large number of shares. And in 1998, it finally took over Grundig. However, in 2007 Koc bought Grundig and listed it among its household electronics, and it has been in production to date.

Some of their products include the Grundig car stereo receiver. It features a microphone wireless remote including FM and AM. In addition, it is MP3 compatible and works via USB. 


Brax and Helix are German audio brands produced by Audiotech Fischer. It has existed since 1990 and has been on the scene ever since. Audio tech has a third one called Match, which is not famous. 

Their sound speaker has kept them in the spotlight among other audio systems. Fischer believes that the qualities of the musical product directly affect the sound. Hence, maintaining precision and quality as their watchword. 

Brax processor allows better frequency when playing FM. Helix four DSP processors help adapt, control, and integrate a car’s Hi-fi system appropriately.

Together with its amplifiers, the Helix DSP allows everyone to enjoy a lossless sound in his car. For better sound frequency–whether deep or light, Helix loudspeakers don’t disappoint.


German car stereo brands prove that everyone can enjoy better music. Quality instruments produce quality sound. 

So you have a variety of audio systems and brands to choose from. Now you can decide if a german made car stereo is for you. 

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