Does Facebook Messenger CarPlay Work? & How To Install It

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CarPlay is one of those genius inventions that allow you to keep in touch with people safely while you’re on the road.

While most of Apple’s built-in communication apps can connect to CarPlay, many third-party apps aren’t yet available.

Since Facebook Messenger is a communication app, is it compatible with CarPlay?

Facebook Messenger CarPlay does work, but only on iOS 10 or later. This is a relatively recent development since, before 2022, Facebook Messenger was not compatible with CarPlay. However, you can now use the app with the help of CallKit, but this is not built into the software by default.

The rest of this article will discuss why Facebook Messenger wasn’t directly compatible with CarPlay initially and how you can use certain features while you’re driving.

I’ll also give you instructions on how to install Facebook Messenger so you can receive calls on the road.

At present, you can only receive calls via FaceBook (Meta) Messenger via CarPlay. You can not send messages or receive them to let Siri read them out. 

Hopefully, this will change in the future! 

Why Isn’t Facebook Messenger Compatible With CarPlay?

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Since it’s fundamentally a communication app, you might have assumed that Messenger is one of the necessary additions to the CarPlay family.

However, it’s only recently been made compatible.

Facebook Messenger isn’t compatible with CarPlay because it’s a third-party application. Since Apple doesn’t directly own it, it would need to develop its interface independently to be usable on CarPlay. Eg by the app developers. While you can’t send messages on the app while driving or make calls, you can receive them.

CallKit has made Facebook Messenger users’ lives much easier in recent months.

You can now receive calls via CarPlay while you’re driving because of CallKit, though you still can’t use voice commands to make a call or send a message. 

This might change in the near future since these apps are constantly being updated and modernized.

However, for now, we must be satisfied with the ability to receive calls from Messenger. 

What Is CallKit?

CallKit is a framework that allows you to receive incoming phone calls from third-party apps. When connected to CarPlay, if someone calls you via Facebook Messenger, you will receive the call the same way you would a regular phone call.

When someone calls you, the CarPlay display will look very similar to the way it would with a standard phone call.

It will display the name of the person calling, and you will still be able to use familiar functions such as mute or speakerphone. 

CallKit has made it possible for many different communication apps to develop compatibility with CarPlay.

However, it is only possible to receive calls – not make them using voice commands.  

How To Install Facebook Messenger CarPlay With CallKit

Here are 3 simple steps to help you install Facebook Messenger for CarPlay.

1. Set Up CarPlay

First, you’ll need to make sure CarPlay is supported and set up in your car.

You can use the Voice Command feature (usually located conveniently on the steering wheel if your car is CarPlay-compatible). 

  1. Long-press this feature to set up CarPlay. Ensure that Bluetooth is enabled on your iPhone to allow the connection between your phone and the car.
    1. OR use a USB and skip these steps
  2. Press on your Settings app on your home screen. Press on General.
  3. There should be a CarPlay option in General. Select your car, and it should connect automatically. 

2. Install the Latest Update on Your Phone

To ensure you’ve got the latest updates on your iPhone & CarPlay, follow the instructions below. You should have iOS 10 or a later update.

  1. On your home screen, press the Settings app.
  2. Go to General and select Software Update.
  3. If there are available updates, press Download and Install.


At this point, you’ll also want to ensure that you’ve got the latest version of Facebook Messenger installed. Search Facebook Messenger on the App Store and press Update if the option is available.

3. Receive Calls Through Facebook Messenger on CarPlay

Now that you’ve got it installed, whenever you receive a call through Facebook Messenger while connected to CarPlay, it should pop up automatically on your CarPlay display.

To make sure you’ve done it successfully, you could always ask someone to call you via the app and see if you receive the call.

You can pick up the phone using voice commands while you’re driving.

Or pressing a button on your steering wheel, although this can change depending on the vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Although up until very recently, Facebook Messenger was not compatible with CarPlay, you can now use the connection to receive phone calls through the app while you’re driving.

Watch for the latest updates from Facebook to see when you’ll be able to make calls yourself using the app since they are continually developing new features to make your life easier.

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