How To Enable Siri for CarPlay: 3 Simple Options

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You can use Siri to help you control Apple CarPlay while you drive.

With it activated in your car, you can make different commands with your voice, allowing you to focus on driving—a big safety feature of CarPlay.

Once CarPlay is all set up, you should either hold down the Home button on the CarPlay display, say “Hey Siri”, or use the voice button on your steering wheel to activate Siri.

In summary, the three main methods to activate Siri in carplay are:

  1. Hold down the Home button on the CarPlay display
  2. Say, “Hey, Siri”
  3. Use the voice button on your steering wheel


Read on to better understand how to enable Siri for CarPlay iPhone and the different methods to try!

1. Enable Siri on Your iPhone

Go to Settings and tap Siri & Search to set up this feature if you have not already done so. 

You’ll then see the following screen where you should enable the following 3 options:

how enable siri for carplay - settings screen on iphone

  1. “Listen for “Hey Siri”
  2. “Press Side Button for Siri”
  3. “Allow Siri When Locked”


With that done, CarPlay should work with Siri if you continue with the following.  

2. Turn on CarPlay in Your Vehicle

To turn CarPlay on, you need to first connect your iPhone to the car using a USB cable or wirelessly. 

Whatever you opt to use will depend on whether your car supports that option or not.

You can determine this from your car manual. You can also check your car to see if it has a USB port on its dashboard.

1. If you can link the two with a USB cable, use an Apple Lightning cable for CarPlay to plug it into a USB port. CarPlay should then be accessible from your infotainment system.

wired carplay connection for comparison vs wireless carplay


2. To use wireless CarPlay, pair your phone with the system using Bluetooth or wirelessly before tapping Settings on the iPhone > General > CarPlay > Available Cars and select your car to turn on CarPlay

If you are using a wireless CarPlay adapter, the process will be slightly different.

3. Enable Siri With the “Hey Siri” Feature

This voice trigger option is one of the three ways to enable Siri for CarPlay

If you enabled this, which we discussed in step one, simply say:

  1. “Hey, Siri,” and then tell Siri what you want her to do for you or ask a question.

See my article on some Siri CarPlay commands for ideas of what you can ask.

4. Use the CarPlay Dashboard or Home Button To Start Siri

You can use these interchangeably depending on what you want Siri to do for you.

On the CarPlay Dashboard, you can ask Siri for directions and suggestions, whereas on CarPlay Home, you can get her to open the apps on it, such as your music apps, so that you can listen to music.

  • To go to Home, tap the CarPlay Home button, which is detectable by the 8 square dots on the touchscreen in your car, and then hold it down to ask Siri for help.

apple maps carplay options screen

  • To enable Siri on the Dashboard, press down its button with a square and three short horizontal lines to start commanding the feature.


whatsapp carplay on lock screen

You can see the command button in the bottom right in the image above.

5. Use the Voice Command Button on Your Steering Wheel

how to use carplay without charging - siri button on seat

Hold the voice command button on your steering wheel, then ask for something after hearing the Siri prompt. 

This is usually a button with a green icon or a speaking icon.

You can command Siri to call people, get directions, and send texts or listen to incoming messages. 

For example, you can say, “Siri, call mom,” or “Siri, get directions to the nearest restaurant.”

Permit Siri to Announce Messages on the Car Display

To let Siri announce messages:

  1. Tap settings in CarPlay and select Announce Messages to turn it on. 
  2. Then, tap Announce Options to choose whether or not your messages should be read out at the start of the drive. If you choose to listen to messages before you drive out from your home or office, you will get to concentrate on driving after doing that.

If you are wanting Siri to not do this, see my article on how to remove messages in CarPlay.

Why You Should Use Siri With CarPlay

Siri can enable you to drive safely by allowing you to make voice commands.

With that, you can focus on driving as it lets you keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

Moreover, it can provide you with important information like directions to any location of your choice and reminders about upcoming meetings or celebrations.


You can enable Siri for Carplay using voice or buttons on your car display to enjoy the benefits of driving smart, while Siri gives you directions to your destination via a CarPlay navigation app of your choice or plays your favorite music in the car.

Besides, with Siri activated on CarPlay, you can drive more safely as the feature will carry out all the tasks you have.

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