Stop and Disable CarPlay Screenshots: Is it Possible?

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There’s nothing more frustrating than having to deal with unwanted screenshots taken as a result of CarPlay.

While CarPlay’s screenshot feature can come in handy, you can often collect lots of them.

So, how do you disable CarPlay screenshots? 

Disabling CarPlay screenshots is not possible without disabling CarPlay altogether, but by changing the CarPlay settings and switching to Driving Focus, you can reduce the frequency of the screenshots. You can also automate the deletion of unwanted CarPlay screenshots by using an iCloud shortcut.

This article will discuss ways to delete CarPlay screenshots and give you a detailed explanation of how to stop CarPlay from taking screenshots. 

Why Does CarPlay Take Unwanted Screenshots? 

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Carplay screenshot of the apps, YouTube Music, Weatherology, Zoom, Tidal, and TuneIn Radio.

CarPlay takes unwanted screenshots because the feature is built into the system. For example, if you take a screenshot on your phone, CarPlay also screenshots. While many users have complained about this, Apple hasn’t yet released a solution in the latest updates. 

Many iPhone users will face a similar problem where their phones take random screenshots.

This is often caused when the Back Tap feature is enabled on the iPhone.

However, you can easily resolve this issue by disabling the Back Tap.

With CarPlay, however, the solution isn’t as simple. 

How To Delete CarPlay Screenshots

If CarPlay takes unwanted screenshots regularly, you’ll end up with a mix of useful and useless screenshots.

While you can delete all screenshots, you’ll probably lose the useful ones in the mix. 

So the easiest way would be to navigate to your photos then:

  1. Albums, scroll down, to find
  2. Media Types, Screenshots
  3. All the screenshots, including CarPlay ones, will be in here. Then click select.
  4. Start selecting all the photos you want to delete. This can go quite quickly if you don’t have to look at them in detail.
  5. Then click the delete button in the bottom right and confirm the action.


This video explains part of the process:


How To Stop Unwanted CarPlay Screenshots

Unfortunately, there’s no clear option for disabling screenshots in CarPlay.

However, you can change the CarPlay settings to reduce the number of unwanted screenshots. If this doesn’t work, you can disable CarPlay. 

Here are two options to stop unwanted CarPlay screenshots, unless you just want to put up with it: 

Change the CarPlay Settings 

When changing the CarPlay settings, you’ll have to keep in mind that there are no settings where you can directly disable screenshots.

However, you can go to Driving Focus mode, which will reduce the number of notifications, messages, and screenshots you receive.

To access Driving Focus mode, follow these steps: 

  1. Open the CarPlay settings on your vehicle. The settings will usually be on the CarPlay dashboard. 
  2. Look for “Driving Focus” in settings. Select “activate” to turn it on. 
  3. Watch for the notification that tells you Driving Focus is enabled. To turn it off, simply click on the notification and select “I’m not driving.” 


While this may help reduce the number of unwanted screenshots on CarPlay, there’s no guarantee that it works to your liking, but it’s worth trying out. 

Disabling CarPlay 

If you’re tired of getting unwanted CarPlay screenshots on your iPhone, you can always disable CarPlay.

You can do this from your iPhone or vehicle, but it’s better to disable it from your phone since not all cars have this option.

Here’s how to disable CarPlay on your iPhone: 

  1. Go onto Settings on your phone. 
  2. Select “General settings” and then “CarPlay,” and you’ll see a list of cars connected to CarPlay. 
  3. Tap “forget” and confirm that you want to disable CarPlay. 

If you want to disable CarPlay on multiple vehicles, you’ll have to repeat the process with each car. 

You can also completely disable CarPlay on your iPhone, but you won’t receive the latest updates, and it will take longer to reactivate it. 

Final Thoughts

CarPlay is a great app to have and can help you play music and record screenshots.

However, if you’re getting too many unwanted screenshots, you can delete them in bulk with a screenshot deletion tool. 

If you want to reduce the number of unwanted screenshots on CarPlay, you can enable Driving Focus mode on CarPlay.

The only way to prevent CarPlay from taking any screenshots is to disconnect it from your vehicle or disable it from your phone.

And you are probably not going to want to do that!

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