Coral Vision CarPlay Review: Should I Buy It?

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CarPlay has transformed how many people use their vehicle’s infotainment systems.

It allows you to connect directly to your iPhone, access navigation, and even make calls.

But if you don’t have a built-in CarPlay system, you’ll need an alternative solution, and Coral Vision CarPlay is a viable option as a portable CarPlay display

Coral Vision CarPlay is a cost-effective alternative to your vehicle’s infotainment system. It’s easy to install and is compatible with the latest CarPlay version. Other helpful features include the FM audio transmitter, screen mirroring, and more. However, users have reported screen quality issues. 

Overall Rating 85% 
Ease of Installation  95%
Ease of Use  95%
Affordability 80%
Range of Features  80% 

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Who Should Buy the Coral Vision CarPlay?

If your vehicle doesn’t have wireless CarPlay or doesn’t support wired CarPlay either, the Coral Vision CarPlay wireless console is a great solution. Coral Vision supports wired and wireless CarPlay and is also compatible with wired and wireless Android Auto. 

So, how does it stack up against other options for wireless CarPlay, and do you need this console? 

The answer depends on whether your vehicle already has CarPlay and whether you’re willing to sacrifice certain features to get a cheaper wireless CarPlay adapter. You’ll also have to compare it to installing a more expensive infotainment system and the effect that it may have on your vehicle. 

The first scenario is when you have wired CarPlay and want to get the wireless version. If so, you could get a wireless CarPlay adapter from Carlinkit or Ottocast. These adapters are cheap and can connect your iPhone to CarPlay wirelessly.

However, they have minimal features and don’t work in vehicles that don’t have pre-installed CarPlay. 

In this case, it would be better to stick with a wireless CarPlay adapter unless you need the portability of an external unit.

The second scenario is when your vehicle’s infotainment system doesn’t have any version of CarPlay. In such cases, getting a new dashboard console that supports wireless CarPlay is the best solution. You’ll get most of the latest built-in infotainment systems features, and it’s much cheaper than replacing your vehicle’s existing system. 

Replacing your vehicle’s built-in infotainment system can easily cost more than $1000—so the cost of a Coral Vision dashboard comes in at around a third of the price. So, if you’re getting similar features for substantially less—why not go for the portable version? 

Also, many people face warranty issues if they replace their vehicle’s built-in infotainment system with an aftermarket version. In rare cases, it could also affect your vehicle’s wiring systems. 

So, getting a portable LCD console is a suitable solution if you don’t want to replace your car’s LCD screen. It’s the cheaper option and supports both CarPlay and Android Auto. 

Pros of the Coral Vision CarPlay Wireless

  • The 7-inch portable LCD screen is easy to install and can be placed anywhere on your vehicle’s dashboard. 
  • The range of features is excellent, and you can easily install wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. 
  • It’s more affordable than many built-in infotainment systems and does not require you to replace your existing system. 
  • It has the option of wireless CarPlay and will also support wired CarPlay if you can’t connect for any reason. 
  • The FM audio transmission is an easy way to connect to your vehicle’s audio and is much smoother. 
  • The newer model supports screen mirroring, which allows you to use streaming apps that aren’t available on CarPlay or Android Auto. 
  • The system includes 32 GB storage capacity and a 16GB micro SD card. 

Cons of the Coral Vision CarPlay Wireless

  • It’s slightly more expensive than getting a wireless CarPlay adapter, although it does offer more features. 
  • It connects using the cable adapter, which doesn’t leave you space to plug in other devices unless your vehicle has more than one charging port. 
  • It isn’t easy to position the screen in a way that doesn’t cause it to reflect light
  • The screen and system may sometimes hang since it doesn’t have the best RAM. 
  • The micro SD card may sometimes face problems playing video and audio, although this usually happens when the storage is almost full. 


Features of the Coral Vision CarPlay Dashboard Console

Before getting into the details of the positives and downsides of this console, let’s discuss its features. Compared to some infotainment systems you need to install in your vehicle, they may not have the full range of features. 

However, it’s still better than using a wireless CarPlay adapter and can even allow you to use CarPlay if your vehicle doesn’t have it pre-installed. Best of all, it’s a portable console that you can use on several cars. 

Some of the main features of the latest Coral Vision CarPlay wireless console include the following: 

The Coral Vison CarPlay Offers Impressive Hardware

If you only consider the hardware, you’re still getting great value for money with this console. Apart from the 7-inch (17.78 cm) screen, you’ll get a mounting arm and glass disc for adjusting the console to your car. You’ll also get a 3-meter (9.84 ft) cable, which allows you to connect your phone to the console anywhere in your vehicle. 

Other features include a USB, micro SD card, FM transmission, and AUX audio output. It also comes with built-in speakers and a microphone, allowing you to take full advantage of wireless CarPlay features. 

Coral Vison Offers Versatile Audio Compatibility

Poor audio quality is a significant issue with most aftermarket infotainment systems. Fortunately, the Coral Vision wireless CarPlay console offers several audio options. The best method to access your vehicle’s audio system is through the FM transmitter option. 

You should set the console’s FM transmission on a frequency that isn’t running on the FM radio. Connect your vehicle’s infotainment system to the same frequency, and you’ll be able to get audio output on your vehicle’s speakers.

The second option is to connect your vehicle’s audio system through the 3.5mm AUX audio output. Most cars have an AUX port but check before getting an AUX audio cable. This method is usually faster, and although it’s not wireless, it does provide uninterrupted audio. 

If you don’t want to use your car’s speakers, you can always use the built-in speakers on the Coral Vision wireless dashboard console as the last option. However, its audio quality isn’t that great. 

Supports Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto

While you have infotainment systems that support Android Auto and CarPlay, these are very expensive, and you need to install them after removing your vehicle’s current infotainment system. The Coral Vision CarPlay system supports both Android Auto and CarPlay. 

You can then pair your iPhone with Bluetooth. Once you pair a device, it will automatically connect the next time, especially if you’re using wireless CarPlay. This system helps you eliminate the unsightly wires with wired CarPlay systems. See how to download CarPlay for more info on this.

To install Android Auto, go onto the Play Store and select the Android Auto app. If you have both CarPlay and Android Auto enabled, you won’t have to worry about connecting your smartphone to the vehicle’s infotainment system, regardless of your smartphone’s make. 

Latest Coral Vison CarPlay Offers Screen Mirroring

CarPlay is an excellent extension of your iPhone—but it doesn’t support all iPhone apps. These extensions include YouTube and most streaming apps to ensure your concentration remains on the road while driving. You can use the screen mirroring feature if you want to use streaming apps on the Coral Vision CarPlay console. 

On paper, the screen mirroring feature is excellent. It allows you to protect your smartphone’s screen on the console screen and is essentially an extension of your phone. I’ll discuss its effectiveness later on. 

While it can be effective, remember that the screen mirroring feature is only available on the latest Coral Vision wireless console. 

Coral Vison Offers a USB Media Port or SD Card Options

If you want to play songs, videos, and other media on the console screen, and you can connect a USB device to the USB media port. The other option is to remove the SD card, add the media to it and then play the media using the SD card. 

However, you’ll only need this in older vehicles where the infotainment system doesn’t support USB media—or there’s a problem with the media port on your current infotainment system. 

Why the Coral Vision CarPlay Console Is Worth It

If you want to avoid the costs and hassle of replacing an outdated infotainment system in your vehicle, the Coral Vision console is ideal.

Many of the reasons why are similar to why CarPlay, in general, is worth it.

But what makes this system worth the price? Let’s look at the benefits of the Coral Vision console. 

It Supports Wireless CarPlay

The main advantage of getting this dashboard console is that it does what it should—provide you with access to CarPlay. You can connect to wireless CarPlay through Bluetooth or wired CarPlay with a cable. 

Wireless CarPlay is ideal since there aren’t any wires to disrupt your driving experience. It also offers an automatic connection after your initial pairing with your iPhone.

See wired vs wireless CarPlay to see a comparison.

The Coral Vision Installation Process Is Simple

Replacing your vehicle’s built-in LCD screen is a hassle, and it’s often hard to find a screen the exact size of your vehicle’s system. You’ll also have to get a qualified mechanic to replace the system, which adds to the total cost. 

With the Coral Vision CarPlay system, the installation process is straightforward. You can also install it on any position on your car’s dashboard, and there isn’t any complicated wiring to consider.  

You can also take full advantage of your vehicle’s speaker system by connecting the Coral Vision console to your car’s infotainment system. 

Connection Speeds Are Fast

Once you do the initial pairing, the console will connect to your smartphone automatically. This process takes around 30 seconds—around the same speed as other infotainment systems. However, unlike wireless CarPlay adapters, the connection process is consistent. 

Coral Vision Offers Several Audio Transmission Options

The audio transmission flexibility is probably the best feature of this wireless CarPlay console. Unlike most systems that require you to connect them to your vehicle’s stereos via wires, you can set up a wireless connection using FM radio transmission. 

The audio quality is decent, and you won’t experience constant interruptions. However, there is a few seconds of audio lag when you initially play any audio. 

Coral Vision CarPlay Supports Screen Mirroring

The screen mirroring feature is an excellent addition to the newest Coral Vision wireless CarPlay system. You can use this feature to protect your smartphone’s screen on the console’s LCD. However, for this feature to work, you’ll need a smartphone that supports screen mirroring and a stable internet connection. 

The Downsides

It Takes Up Your Vehicle’s Charging Port

Unfortunately, you will need to connect the Coral Vision CarPlay LCD console to your vehicle’s charging port. It doesn’t have a built-in rechargeable battery, limiting your ability to use the port to charge your phone and other devices. This limitation reduces the flexibility of choice in your infotainment system.

The Coral Vision Screen Mirroring Feature Is Limited

While screen mirroring is one of the best features in the latest Coral Vision console, it has limitations. Although it lets you ’mirror’ whatever is on your smartphone onto your system, you still can’t use it for streaming services with copyrighted content like Netflix. 

Coral Vision Is Fairly Expensive

Compared to a wireless CarPlay adapter, this console may be expensive, especially if you’re using it to get wireless CarPlay. But when compared with the cost of replacing your car’s infotainment system, it’s a bargain. 


Does the Coral Vision Wireless CarPlay Support Android Auto?

The Coral Vision console supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which is a bonus since most infotainment systems only support one option. This feature allows you flexibility when choosing your preferred method. 

Can You Use Coral Vision With the Latest CarPlay Version?

You can use the Coral Vision dashboard console with the latest CarPlay versions. It’s also compatible with all iPhones that have iOS 10 and above. Thus you are assured that your Coral Vision system is up to date with the latest CarPlay advances. 

Final Thoughts

The Coral Vision CarPlay dashboard console is one of the best solutions for accessing CarPlay when your vehicle doesn’t have it. It supports wired and wireless CarPlay—has decent audio output options—and is more affordable than replacing your car’s existing infotainment system. 

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