CoPilot CarPlay: Is it Compatible?

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CoPilot is a powerful navigation app that goes above and beyond the others; by being particularly useful for commercial vehicles such as Trucks or RVs.

But is CoPilot compatible with CarPlay?

According to the developers, CoPilot does not currently support Apple CarPlay. However, they continue to make improvements and could allow this functionality in the future.

Screenshot of the developer’s comments:

Does CoPilot CarPlay work - developer comments


Is CoPilot CarPlay Compatible?

As we’ve outlined, CoPilot is NOT compatible with CarPlay. 

Instead, if you’re required to use CoPilot for work or personal preference, you’ll have to just use the app. 

CoPilot CarPlay GPS - official website screenshot
Official Website Screenshot

If you want to consider other navigation apps instead of Copilot, I have listed some that could work for you.

CoPilot CarPlay Alternative Apps

With the CoPilot app, you can take the stress out of driving using their clever system that calculates your route according to your vehicle’s size or class (height, weight, and length).

This should help prevent dangerous or costly accidents and organize more economical journeys with multiple stops.

But other CarPlay navigation apps can partly help with this and are compatible. Most are even free to use!

DISCLAIMER: From my research, there are no CarPlay apps that allow you to enter height, weight, and length or allow a large number of stops like CoPilot. If you find any, please let me know so I can share this! 

Waze (Best for Human Alerts)

Waze is a free GPS navigation app that generates real-time traffic updates, as well as social and geo-gaming elements that actually make driving more enjoyable. 

Wazers can also actively update one another on traffic, police traps, construction, speed cams, etc.

I would recommend Waze because it helps provide human alerts from fellow drivers regarding information where computers can’t provide this depth of knowledge.

For example, I’ve been altered of debris in the road that fell off another vehicle and broken down cars in live lanes on the highway!

There is also a depth of setting within Waze CarPlay that no other app has and can be confusing. See our article regarding this for more information.

Install Waze via the Apple App Store: Here

Google Maps (Best for information)

Google maps is a well-known navigation and web base service that provides a depth of information about the place around you.

Google maps is a particularly good alternative to CoPoilot because of its data. Unfortunately, while Google owns Waze, the information is inferior.

For instance, if your looking up an address or business name, it will easily be found using the Google Maps Carplay App. However, this is less likely with the Waze CarPlay app.

Install Google Maps via the Apple App Store: Here

CoPilot CarPlay Alternative App – Honorable Mention

Here is an honorable mention as a CoPilot CarPlay alternative app:

TomTom Go

tomtom go carplay - in navigation

TomTom Go is a navigation app by Tom Tom, allowing you to have most of TomToms’s features without the hardware that used to be required, like a GPS unit.

The app is also compatible with CarPlay, but as with the other apps, you can not input vehicle data as you can with CoPilot.

This is an honorable mention because the TomTom Go app is paid and requires a monthly subscription. 

I think there are equally good free options, such as Google Maps, Waze, or Apple Maps, so you can save your money.

Install TomTom Go CarPlay app via the Apple App Store: Here

FAQs Regarding CoPilot & CarPlay

Does CoPilot Work with Apple CarPlay?

CoPilot does not currently support Apple CarPlay, although they continue to make improvements and could allow this functionality in the future.

Is CoPilot CarPlay Navigation any Good?

CoPilot does not work with CarPlay, so I haven’t been able to test this. However, the app itself has a mix of positive and negative reviews, with a 3.5-star rating on the Apple app store.


Making CoPilot GPS work with CarPlay seems to be a popular feature that would be highly useful for professional drivers and is heavily requested.

But unfortunately, at the moment, it is not compatible.

If this is something you’re after, I would recommend reaching out and requesting it. The more people that ask, the sooner they could decide to integrate Apple Carplay into the CoPilot ecosystem.

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