How to Reset Car Bluetooth Systems

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To reset car Bluetooth, simply disable Bluetooth on both the vehicle’s infotainment system and smartphone, clear any connected device history, turn off the vehicle, and restart your smartphone. This process allows for a fresh start in re-establishing a successful Bluetooth connection.

4 Steps for How to Reset Car Bluetooth System:

  1. Find settings
  2. Access Bluetooth Management Setting
  3. Find Device Management Setting
  4. Remove selected or all Bluetooth devices (Usually called “clearing”)


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Bluetooth technology is great when it works, but sometimes car stereos can be a little finicky, especially if you have an older car or you’ve just updated your smartphone’s OS.

In cases like this, it’s useful to know how to reset or clear the Bluetooth memory in your car so you can reconnect your devices.

Unfortunately, the exact method for doing this will be different for every car, so all we can do is give you a general idea of the steps that apply in most cases.

If you want specific instructions on how to clear your stereo’s Bluetooth memory, you’ll need to consult the owner’s manual that came with your car.

Alternatively, you may be able to find instructions on your car brand’s website.

Just be sure to search for the specific make and model of the vehicle you own, as even within the same brand, different models may have slightly different configurations and requirements.

How to Delete Bluetooth Device from a Car Radio

With that being said, there are still some steps that will typically apply across car models that allow for Bluetooth compatibility:

  1. Make sure to turn off Bluetooth and delete the memory of your car from the device you’re using if it has been connected to the car before.
  2. Find a button on your car’s dashboard or display that says “settings” or perhaps “options.” Keep in mind that this may appear as just a button with a gear icon on it rather than words in some cases.
  3. Navigate in the settings menu to find a tab that says “phone settings,” “Bluetooth settings,” or something similar to that.
  4. Select the name of the device you want to delete and hit confirm or delete.
  5. You can now pair your new device by turning Bluetooth back on your phone and following your car manual’s instructions for pairing devices via Bluetooth.


how to reset car bluetooth - Device management page


How to Reset Car Bluetooth for Varying Models – Video

For example, in this video, you’ll see the Bluetooth memory being cleared from a Vauxhall / Opal Corsa.

Many similar models and cars use the same or similar operating system so that the process could be similar for your vehicle.

If you are unable to find the solution after watching this video, consult your stereos user manual.


Things to Be Aware of When Resetting and Pairing Via Bluetooth

Before attempting to connect a new device to your car’s stereo, check on your dealer’s website to confirm that the vehicle is compatible to pair with your smartphone.

That way, you can avoid the headache of trying to use Bluetooth if it turns out that it’s not available in your model.

In most cases, Bluetooth is backwards compatible. This means that no matter how old your device’s version of Bluetooth is, it should still connect.

However, depending on the car’s age or the age of your phone, you might run into some trouble and have to resort to using things like wireless CarPlay, AUX, and USB ports to connect your phone to the stereo.

If you have multiple devices in the car, make sure to turn off Bluetooth for all of them except for the one you’re trying to pair with the vehicle.

Otherwise, the car may attempt to connect with the wrong device.

Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll be able to clear your Bluetooth memory, pair a new device, and start enjoying tunes and hands-free calls in no time. However, if this is not successful, you may want to conduct a full example for a Jeep Wrangler radio reset.

Car Bluetooth Memory Full

Many people report having problems with their car’s Bluetooth memory being full, and not allowing them to access the Bluetooth menu.

This is especially common for Pioneer stereos.

A common reason for this is due to the parking brake (hand brake) not being in static mode. Once the parking brake is applied, you can access the Bluetooth menu. In summary:

  • Make sure the parking brake is applied
  • Makes sure the parking brake wire is connected/appropriately installed. (This is a safety mechanism designed now allow you not to use your car radio while driving)


Once the car’s Bluetooth is accessible, you can clear/reset the Bluetooth memory.

See this explained in the video below

Final Thoughts

The solution for how to reset car Bluetooth systems is often very simple and will require only a few simple steps, as we have clarified above.

If you are unable to clear the Bluetooth memory after following these steps, you should consult your user manual or use an alternative radio connection method.

Most manuals can be found online via the manufactures website, such as:

Vauxhall owners Manuals 

Ford owners Manual 

A quick Google search for “(X Manufacturers) Owners Manuel” should show results.

Other than that, you should be able to find the manual on a third-party website such as

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