CarPlay Netflix: How To Watch Netflix on Apple CarPlay

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CarPlay is a feature that lets you use your iPhone in your car via the display integrated into your dashboard. CarPlay supports most associated apps like Amazon Music, Audible, Spotify, Podcasts, Radio apps, etc. However, it doesn’t support Netflix — which is obviously a bummer if you want to catch up on your favorite shows […]

MagSafe & CarPlay: Will It Work?

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MagSafe has been promoted as the new generation Apple charger and is a great way to charge wirelessly. If you have a stand that allows you to charge with MagSafe while driving, it would be a bonus to be able to connect to CarPlay as well. However, can MagSafe connect to CarPlay, and can you […]

Dolby Atmos CarPlay: What you need to know!

Dolby Atmos and CarPlay can be a great combination for listing to breathtaking music thanks to the latest advances in audio technology.  But how do you know if they’re compatible, and how do you enable it? Any CarPlay speaker can be used in coordination with Dobly Atoms; however, to get the full experience, you’ll need […]

Best Apple CarPlay Radio Apps

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Apple CarPlay is a system that allows you to use your car’s infotainment screen as a display screen for an iOS device. That means you can turn that or any screen into a giant phone screen, but not all apps work with Apple CarPlay. If you want to listen to radio stations as you cruise, […]

Apple CarPlay Price: Is CarPlay Free to Use?

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Are you interested in getting Apple CarPlay in your vehicle and want to calculate the cost? Apple CarPlay is a free system that uses the iPhones IOS system. The only costs that may be involved are around purchasing the iPhone and buying a compatible head unit, if not already installed.  Read on to see a […]

How To Use Carplay Without Siri? Will It Work?

Automotive technology is rapidly evolving, and the in-car experience has become more diverse. Car enthusiasts know that having a sound infotainment system is crucial. With Siri and CarPlay, there are more options to get what you need while driving. You can use Apple CarPlay without Siri, but its functions will be limited. Access to some […]

8 Best CarPlay Podcast Apps To Use on the Road (2023)

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If you own an iPhone and a car and enjoy listening to podcasts while driving, CarPlay is your best friend. It makes it so easy to listen to whatever you want without being distracted by your phone. Most podcast apps are now available in CarPlay, but some are better than others. The best CarPlay podcast […]

Coral Vision CarPlay Review: Should I Buy It?

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CarPlay has transformed how many people use their vehicle’s infotainment systems. It allows you to connect directly to your iPhone, access navigation, and even make calls. But if you don’t have a built-in CarPlay system, you’ll need an alternative solution, and Coral Vision CarPlay is a viable option as a portable CarPlay display.  Coral Vision […]

Apple CarPlay Changes Audio Source: How To Fix?

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Apple CarPlay is a great feature that many drivers enjoy. However, there have been some complaints about the system switching audio sources randomly. It can be extremely frustrating when you are trying to listen to music or a podcast, and the system switches over to a phone call or navigation instructions. Here are some of […]

Honda Apple CarPlay

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Although a Honda is considered an affordable vehicle, there are still some perks you can get with some models. Ever wanted the convenience of using Apple CarPlay on your car? It’s no longer for high-priced models anymore.  Honda supports Apple CarPlay for a variety of models and trims, with Honda CarPlay starting in 2016. This […]