Ford Mustang Apple CarPlay

Ford Mustang Apple CarPlay - featured image

Since 1965, Ford’s pony car has held a special place among car enthusiasts worldwide. But has it changed to include modern conveniences? Does the Mustang offer Apple CarPlay? Mustang supports Apple CarPlay for models with Ford Sync 3 starting from 2017, including the all-electric version. Setup is relatively easy, and most Mustang owners have little […]

Mazda Apple CarPlay

mazda apple carplay - featured image

Mazda Apple CarPlay is the most convenient interface to sync and use your iPhone with the Connect infotainment system. However, not all Mazda models have native support for Apple CarPlay. You need to know which models feature Apple CarPlay and how you can use it. Mazda Apple CarPlay was first introduced as a standard feature […]

Honda Apple CarPlay

Honda apple carplay - featured image

Although a Honda is considered an affordable vehicle, there are still some perks you can get with some models. Ever wanted the convenience of using Apple CarPlay on your car? It’s no longer for high-priced models anymore.  Honda supports Apple CarPlay for a variety of models and trims, with Honda CarPlay starting in 2016. This […]

Jeep Apple CarPlay

Jeep CarPlay - featured image

For Apple users, adding CarPlay to your car is a great way to improve your driving experience and allow you to use your devices more safely when on the road.  Jeep has offered Apple CarPlay for select models since 2017, beginning with the Jeep Compass. Setup is relatively easy, and using CarPlay allows for safer […]