Alexa CarPlay: Can I use Amazon Alexa with CarPlay?

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Do you want to use Amazon Alexa instead of Siri to give commands and help while driving? It is not possible to use Alexa with CarPlay. This is because Alexa is operated by Amazon and CarPlay exclusively uses Siri, which Apple operates. So while you can get the Alexa app on your iPhone, this won’t […]

How to Check Traffic on Google Maps at Different Times?

How to Check Traffic on Google Maps at Different Times featured image

To check traffic at different times with Google maps, you’ll need to visit the website or mobile app. From here, you’ll need to follow the various steps in this article that will allow you to see the typical traffic at various times of the day.  In order to reach your destination as quickly as possible, […]

Deezer CarPlay: A Guide to Using the App & Troubleshooting

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Today we’ll take a look at Deezer as a CarPlay app. Then we’ll launch into some troubleshooting regarding the Deezer CarPlay methods.  Deezer gives unlimited access to search songs, podcasts, and various radio channels for $10.99 per month or free with ads. You can also subscribe to the Family Plan for $17.99 monthly. The CarPlay […]

5 Best CarPlay News Apps To Consider Downloading

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If you’re like most people, you rely on your smartphone to keep up with the latest news. But what if you are always on the road and can’t afford to keep checking your phone? That’s where CarPlay news apps come in.  There are no dedicated news apps for CarPlay, but the TuneIn Radio app is […]

8 Best CarPlay Podcast Apps To Use on the Road (2023)

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If you own an iPhone and a car and enjoy listening to podcasts while driving, CarPlay is your best friend. It makes it so easy to listen to whatever you want without being distracted by your phone. Most podcast apps are now available in CarPlay, but some are better than others. The best CarPlay podcast […]

TomTom Go CarPlay Review: Is It Worth Purchasing?

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Apple’s CarPlay works to integrate your Apple mobile devices and car for a seamless experience. It is a safer way to use your phone for navigation while driving, as it allows you to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. TomTom Go CarPlay is one of the third-party navigation apps that […]

Webex CarPlay: A Guide To Using Webex in Your Vehicle

There’s no doubt that hybrid work is here to stay. Thankfully, the technologies we use in the office are keeping pace with this significant shift in the working world. Webex, for example, just rolled out their “Move to Mobile” feature, which allows for taking your meetings on the go.  Webex is easy to use with […]

TuneIn CarPlay: A Guide To Using TuneIn With CarPlay

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TuneIn is a popular service for listening to online radio stations and podcasts. If you have a car that supports CarPlay, you can easily connect your phone to your car and listen to TuneIn through your car’s speakers. With options to control the music through buttons on the steering wheel or touch screen in the […]

How To Watch Apple CarPlay YouTube? Is it Possible? (No Jailbreak) 

Apple CarPlay is being used for everything nowadays. Everything, but playing YouTube, that is. While CarPlay offers a variety of options for music, maps, calls, and calendars, many people are still wondering if you can use it to play YouTube videos.  You can’t watch YouTube directly with CarPlay since Apple doesn’t support this for safety […]

Google Maps Traffic Color Legend – The 4 Colors Explained

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You may be interested in knowing the Google maps traffic color legend and what the different colors mean. While it’s pretty straightforward and self-explanatory, the answer might surprise you. So read on to learn more… Google Maps Traffic Color Legend: Written & Visualized The different traffic color codes indicate the speed of traffic on the […]