How To Make Apple CarPlay Garage Door Opener Compatible?

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You can use CarPlay to control home electronic devices, including your garage door. But you must connect a few devices to do it. So, how does it work?

 To make the Apple CarPlay garage door opener compatible, you need to set up CarPlay, connect it to your iPhone, and install Apple HomeKit. After that, you can use Siri to give commands to your garage door using your CarPlay dashboard.   

 This article explains how to set up CarPlay and connect it to iPhone.

It also explains why you need to install the HomeKit to make the CarPlay compatible with your garage door opener, so read on!

Making Apple CarPlay Garage Opener Compatible

Before you worry about compatibility, you must check if your car and the country where you live support CarPlay. 

You also need iPhone 5, iPhone 6, or above for CarPlay to work.

Older phone models will not work with CarPlay. You also need the right type of car, as CarPlay doesn’t work with all models. 

 If you have the right car and iPhone, you can set up CarPlay and have the following things:

  • A compatible garage door opener
  • HomeKit
  • HomeKit Hub


Let’s start by setting up CarPlay. 

Setting Up CarPlay

Setting up CarPlay isn’t too hard, and you can do it yourself.

The process doesn’t have too many steps. You can set it up wirelessly or with a USB cable:

Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is applicable in vehicles that support wireless CarPlay or have Bluetooth.

You can also have a stereo that supports CarPlay.

Let’s begin:

  1. Your car’s Bluetooth or Wireless pairing must be on. 
  2. Next, go to your iPhone’s settings and choose General.
  3. The next step is to click CarPlay and see the Available Cars option. 
  4. Select your car and hit Pair to connect CarPlay with your iPhone. 
  5. Press Allow and let the devices connect.
  6. You will get an alert on your CarPlay display asking you for Pairing Confirmation.
  7. Press Yes to proceed. 
  8. Now you will get another pop-up window asking you to Select a Connection Technology. 


The window will have an Apply CarPlay button. Press the button, and you will connect your iPhone to CarPlay. 

You can use an adapter if your vehicle doesn’t support a wireless connection.

See our guide to wireless CarPlay for more information on this.

USB Cable Setup

iPhone Cable Connected to CarPlay

There should be a CarPlay label on your USB port if your car supports the technology. 

You must plug your phone in using a USB cable. 

  1. After you connect, you will get a pop-up window with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or USB Only options. 
  2. Select USB only and connect the phone with CarPlay.


If you don’t have a USB cable already, see my article on the best CarPlay charging chargers.

Using Siri To Control CarPlay

Once the connection is complete, you can use Siri to give commands to your CarPlay.

You must use the Voice Command on your steering wheel to give commands to Siri.

Another way is to press and hold CarPlay’s button (usually on your steering wheel) or Dashboard to give commands.  

You must activate Hey Siri if your car has the technology before you begin to use it.

CarPlay and Garage Door Compatibility

Before you begin, you must ensure the proper installation of your garage door opener. It is a device that uses a motor to control your door.

You can use any brand that is compatible with your HomeKit.

screenshot of carplay homekit app

Most garage door opener has a compatibility app.

You must install that app on your iPhone and pair your garage door and the device.

Once you complete the pairing, you can access your garage door using your iPhone, making it available on your CarPlay.

But you must remember to put your garage door opener on your HomeKit after you install it. 

Why Do You Need a HomeKit for CarPlay Garage Door Opener Compatibility?

carplay garage door opener example

You cannot make the Apple CarPlay garage door opener compatible without installing a HomeKit in your house.

The reason is simple, iPhone and, consequently, your CarPlay can only access devices or accessories on your HomeKit. 

After you install the garage door opener, you must pair it with your HomeKit.

So, you will need a HomeKit Hub. So, you must have your HomeKit on your iOS device that you want to connect with CarPlay. In this case, it’s your iPhone.  

After you pair your CarPlay and iPhone, you can see the Garage Door button on your CarPlay. The panel shows you the status of your gate. It appears after you turn to your CarPlay dashboard. 

You can control the following features with your CarPlay:

  • Opening and closing your garage door.
  • Check the status of your garage door by asking Siri.


While there are different types of garage door openers on the market, you must buy the one that is compatible with Apple HomeKit if you want to pair it with your CarPlay.

You get instruction manuals with the device you can use to install it yourself. 


CarPlay garage door opener compatibility makes it possible to control your gate from your car.

You only need to set up CarPlay and connect all the devices through the Apple HomeKit.

The only downside is that not all vehicles are CarPlay compatible.

But you can manually install the technology and control your garage door from the car. 

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