What’s the Best Settings for Kenwood Car Stereos?

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The setting for a Kenwood stereo system depends on the installed equipment and the type of music that is played. The simplest way to get the best setting for your Kenwood stereo is to select your music preset styles, such as Pop, Jazz, or Rap.

This way, the stereo will automatically adjust the setting to play at the optional sound quality. Continue reading to find more ways to get the optional setting for your stereo.

  • Adjust Music Present Style
  • Keep volume below 80%
  • Consult your manual for more specific adjustments


Kenwood EQ Adjustments

Another easy way to find more settings for your Kenwood car stereo is to look at the stereo manual, as this will state the exact instructions for your model and show the different levels for options like bass boosting.

You can often find manuals online for easy excess or if you’ve lost it on manuleslib.com.

It’s also best not to use the car audio head unit on more than 80 percent of the highest volume.

This ensures that the high notes are clear, and the mid-range is full. If the car stereo is amplified, set the head unit to be tuned up without destroying the speakers. Doing this will help to improve the noise-to-signal ratio as well.

Typical Equalizer Settings for a Kenwood Car Stereo

 When you first install the Kenwood car stereo, there are a few things you should know about the programming.

1. First step

You can make provision for the sound arrival time delay. Choose the sound, go to setup, and then the cabin. Direct the control knob to the different car types, such as SUVs or full-size cars. Hold the middle of the control knob as soon as the type of car gets displayed.

2. Second step

Choose the sound, then set up the speaker. Program the control knob between locations such as under dash, on-dash, and the speaker size for the front speaker location. Click on the middle of the control knob when the speaker size or location gets displayed.

3. Third step

Program the remaining sound settings. You may use the same process and concept to program the equalizer curve for your desired music type. For you to enjoy the hands-free function of your Kenwood car stereo, you have to pair the stereo with your mobile phone. Switch the control unit on and turn on the Bluetooth search mode of your phone. Once the Kenwood appears on your phone search, select it.

Alternatively, you can connect using the AUX or USB cables if they are compatible with your Kenwood stereo.

Adjust sound settings – Kenwood Excelon

How to Create the Best Settings for Kenwood Car Stereos

When dealing with your speaker’s sound, trust your ears. Tuning the stereo determines the difference between good sound and “just-okay” quality.

When well configured, your car stereo equalizer can improve the sound reproduction of your stereo. It will do this by eliminating significant dips and peaks. They usually lie between the frequencies, which bring about unpleasant sounds.

Note: Kenwood equalizers only have three frequency bands to work on. The advanced equalizers have over 13 bands. Hence, a 3-band equalizer has 3 distinct categories of mid, treble, and bass. The bass lies between 60 and 120 Hz, while the mid-ranges are between 400Hz and 500 Hz. The treble lies between 8,000Hz and 15,000Hz.

If your Kenwood stereo comes with advanced functions like auto equalization and digital sound processing, you should consult the stereo manual when modifying the settings.

When you are set to adjust the settings of the stereo, do the following based on the Kenwood owner’s manual in this instance for DPX models:

  • Switch on the radio

While adjusting the setting of your Kenwood car stereo, ensure to park your car. Doing this while driving may be counterproductive or even dangerous.

  • Choose a familiar song

Select one of your favorite songs and play it. Your choice should have a sonic variety with diverse sounds. These sounds should include high notes, mid-range sounds, and low notes.

Ideally, from a high quality like Apple, Spotify, or Amazon music.

  • Adjust the fade control

Tune the fade control of the stereo to the point where the music only comes from the front speakers. Then, move to adjust the right-left balance until you get your desired sound.

Note down this setting using writing material and proceed to complete the opposite utilizing the fade control.


Kenwood stereo with the best equalizer settings
Kenwood stereo


Again, adjust the right-left balance till you get your desired sound and note it down. Once you notice the balance settings for the back and front speakers are the same, you are good! If this is not the case, you will need to make a compromise between either setting.

Look for a good balance for good sound from the rear and front speakers.

Adjust the fade control to the front and increase the rear volume using the fade control. Do this until the sound has a good depth but ensure it still sounds like it’s coming from your front.

In the case of head units that allow you to adjust tone differences between the rear and front speakers, tune the speakers till they have a smaller treble than the front speaker.

Doing this will make the sound appear coming from the front speaker.

  • Get the tone set

Take a moment and listen to the sound for a while.

Observe if all the notes feature low, mid-range, and high? Observe if they are balanced as well. Before you make corrections, note what is missing from them.

If the stereo has an equalizer, test, the presets to confirm if they improve the sound. Improve the sound using treble, bass, and mid-range controls. Use diverse combinations of the equalizer presets, treble, and bass boost until you get the right sound.

Ensure the high notes are not piercing, but they should be clear. Also, the mid-range notes ought to be complete, but they should not be too heavy.

Kenwood car size stereo adjustment
Kenwood excelon stereo adjustment by car type


How to get the Best Kenwood Equalizer Settings

  • Good cables

Good quality cables help improve the sound of the stereo. They also help to reduce interference from the electrical system of the car.

Anker Powerline+ is an excellent well-trusted lightning cable to choose from if you want to replace your existing cable. As seen below.


  • Amplifier

You should include an amplifier. Amplifiers help improve the stereo’s audio output and channel it to the speaker.

You need to adjust the gain control on the amplifier. Ensure to increase the receiver volume by three-quarters of the way.

Proceed to turn up the gain till you notice distortions. Lower it a bit, and you will get the right setting.

  • Sound-deadening material 

You may mount this to the door panel as it would help reduce any rattles or noise that could affect the speaker’s output.

Also, it lowers the road noise of the car.

Finally, it does this so that your sound system does not have to work at the highest volume.

  • Tuning

To maximize your speakers, ensure the system is right on the sound system.

Get it tuned to the type of music you listen to often. Begin with the lowest settings, increase it until you notice distortions, and lower it slightly.

You should consult your manual to get a good guide for your system. Listening to the system will help you make the right tweaks that suit your needs.

Note: If you’re using wireless carplay, this is reported to cause audio quality issues.


Final note

No one setting suits all approaches with your Kenwood car stereo.

The best sound depends on individual preferences for music and the environment. While it may sound simple, the best way is to try and see what works; your ears are the best judges.

If you’re interested in reading more, we have another article detailing the best car stereo sound settings.

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