Will Using a CarPlay USB Hub or Splitter Work?

Like most drivers, you probably have a USB charger in your car for charging your phone on long trips. Additionally, if you have an iPhone, you may also use CarPlay, which allows you to use your phone’s features while driving. So, can you use a USB hub or USB splitter with CarPlay? Using a CarPlay […]

How To Add Apps to Apple CarPlay: 3 Simple Steps

how to add apps to apple carplay - featured image

Apple CarPlay is an incredible new feature that allows you to use your iPhone safely while on the go. You can use basic messaging and mapping features, all while never taking a glance at your phone. You can also add apps to Apple CarPlay in a few simple steps to improve your driving experience.  Here’s […]

Tidal CarPlay: A Complete Guide

tidal carplay - featured image

Tidal is one of the less-used paid streaming services, with its main selling point being superior sound quality.  However, how does the Tidal Carplay App perform, and what do you need to know about it? I took out the Tidals’ basic plan to test out the full features and to discover if it works well […]

5 Reasons Why Car Radio Won’t Turn Off When Door Opens

car radio won't turn off when door opens - featured image

It’s only natural to freak out a little when you realize the car radio won’t turn off when the door opens. All your instincts are pointing you to the dealership. But before you do that, consider these simpler reasons why your car radio might not be working as it should. The most common reason why […]

Best iPhone Cable for Apple CarPlay

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In the vast sea of iPhone cables available, finding the perfect one for CarPlay can seem like an overwhelming task. With this article, my goal is to share my findings and help you find the right cable for you. Factors such as cost, compatibility, and durability are critical when selecting the right cable. It’s not […]

YouTube Music CarPlay: How To Get Started?

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One of the apps you can use with CarPlay is YouTube Music, a music-streaming platform created by Google.  You might be wondering how to utilize the best features of both applications to upgrade your overall driving experience. To get started with YouTube Music on CarPlay, you first need to connect your phone to your vehicle. […]

What is Apple Carplay: A Comprehensive Guide

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CarPlay is an innovative feature that enables seamless integration between an iPhone and a car’s built-in infotainment system.  It allows accessing various useful apps, such as Maps for navigation, Messages for communication, CarPlay music apps, or even podcasts for entertainment. One of the aspects I appreciate about CarPlay is its use of Siri, Apple’s voice […]

SoundCloud CarPlay: Everything you need to know!

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One of the common concerns among users who have installed the SoundCloud app is that it fails to show on your CarPlay head unit.  Understandably, this can be frustrating when wanting to stream or listen to your favorite tunes while you drive.  So, is there a problem with SoundCloud CarPlay compatibility, and if so, what […]

Apple CarPlay Price: Is CarPlay Free to Use?

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Are you interested in getting Apple CarPlay in your vehicle and want to calculate the cost? Apple CarPlay is a free system that uses the iPhones IOS system. The only costs that may be involved are around purchasing the iPhone and buying a compatible head unit, if not already installed.  Read on to see a […]

Are Car Stereo Faceplates Interchangeable?

Are Car Stereo Faceplates Interchangeable. Featured Image

The car stereo faceplate is the outer covering that gives the stereo a finished look. And an interface through which you operate the stereo. Without it, the stereo will look unattractive or send a signal that your car doesn’t have one. Every vehicle has a unique stereo faceplate. But you may wonder why someone wants […]