How to Fix a Car Radio that Got Wet?

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Wet car radios can be fixed by mopping water off the affected areas or Air-Drying. In some instances where damage is too bad, the radio may need to be totally replaced. Car radios are susceptible to harmful exposure to water either due to human errors, natural causes, or faulty equipment. And, if not handled properly, […]

Can You Use an iPad as a Head Unit? (Car Stereo)

A head unit is also called an infotainment system. It is a component that has a unified interface for your car stereo system. Many cars come with a head unit, which includes GPS, a car stereo, and other features and settings. If your car is not outfitted with one, you may wonder if you can […]

Will an Android Head Unit Work with iPhone?

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Almost all Android head units will work with an iPhone via Bluetooth connectivity, but for extra features, you’ll need to install Apple car play on the unit.  Options: Use iPhone and head unit with basic Bluetooth connectivity Connect your iPhone using built-in CarPlay (if Compatible) – Wirelessly or via a CarPlay charging cable Connect your […]

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay

Fixing Apple CarPlay Lag & Audio Delay: Featured Image

Apple CarPlay is an exciting mobile phone integration program for cars. However, you may experience glitches with the system over time. Apple CarPlay lag and audio delay are common challenges you may face. Apple CarPlay being glitchy and disconnecting can be highly frustrating. For example, imagine trying to see a video from YouTube, and the […]

Amazon Music CarPlay: What you need to know!

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The Amazon Music CarPlay app is a sophisticated application designed by Amazon. It’s a platform allowing vehicle owners with CarPlay to access unlimited music streaming. The app is designed to work with your Apple CarPlay in synergy with your iPhone. Of course, CarPlay is an in-car system available to iPhone users, with cars fitted with […]

Why Apple Carplay Keeps Disconnecting?

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There are many reasons why your Apple CarPlay keeps disconnecting/stopping, but some of the top reasons are; Loose or faulty lightning cables, an inadequate car audio system, power management issues, or software problems. Issues Faulty or loose cables Inadequate Car Audio System Power Management issues Software Problems Solutions Replace the CarPlay charging cable or find […]

9 Apple CarPlay Music Apps

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Apple CarPlay music apps are a sure way to enjoy music non-stop in your car on your daily trips. Since Apple CarPlay lets you mirror your phone on your car’s infotainment screen, you can install many CarPlay music players to access unlimited music playlists online. There are several CarPlay music apps online. Some of our […]

Apple CarPlay Echo Fix (Caller Echo Issue)

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Have you ever called someone via Apple CarPlay, and they complain of hearing an echo of their voice? This challenge is a natural phenomenon likely to occur after installing CarPlay. Unfortunately, the problem may persist until you find the solution. However, you may suddenly realize that your caller hears an echo of their voice when […]

Phone Charging Without a Cigarette Lighter in a Car

Phone Charging Without a Cigarette Lighter in car

Do you always find your phone battery low while driving and your car doesn’t have a cigarette lighter port? Well, there are a few methods how to charge phones in cars without a cigarette lighter. This article will reveal some perfect ways to charge your phone in vehicles without cigarette lighters, from USB ports to […]

CPLAY2air vs Carlinkit: Which Is Best for You?

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Wireless CarPlay adapters are an awesome way to give your car a smart touch. They give you hands-free control over your iPhone’s functions while you’re driving. The best part is that you can do this without attaching your phone to any CarPlay charging cables. There are several wireless CarPlay adapters on the market, but the […]