BMW CarPlay Not Working? – 5 Practical Solutions

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Apple CarPlay is a digital interface that uses your iPhone to connect to your BMWs infotainment system. It lets you use your phone as a remote control and interact with apps like Maps, Messages, and Music through voice or touchscreen commands, but only when it’s working! Your BMW’s Apple CarPlay unit may not work for […]

Wireless Carplay Audio Quality – Is the sound quality great?

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Carplay technology allows drivers to access their phone’s content on their car stereo using a cord. However, with the recent upgrade, drivers can now access their phone’s audio and other content on their stereo without a wire connection.  Here, you connect your phone to your stereo via Bluetooth or a combination of Bluetooth and Wifi. […]

How to put Music on USB Drive for Car Audio? 2 Simple Methods

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Sometimes, some music you want on your car stereo is on different websites or stuck in CDs/DVDs. A simple way to get these songs is to transfer them to your USB Drive. Except you want to be going to those websites to listen to those songs or carrying bags of CDs around. Some latest car […]

HDMI Port in Cars: What’s it used for?

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The HDMI port allows drivers to watch videos and other stuff on their car stereo or infotainment screen when the car is stationary. However, to enjoy this, you’ll need to connect a device using a HDMI cable to the stereo. In a hurry? Here’s our top pick for connecting a phone to a car’s HDMI […]

American Car Stereo Brands: A Complete List

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American products are believed to be authentic. Well, that’s not surprising because the manufacturing standards of America are top-notch and almost unmatchable anywhere else in the world.  Yes, there are good German car stereo brands and Japanese car stereo brands out there. But these American car stereo brands have made a name for themselves. And […]

New Car Cassette Players: Can I Still Get One?

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Although rare, new cassette players that are ready to be installed can still be found. While you can install one of these new players, there are easier ways to still enjoy your cassette collection, even in the latest cars.  In a hurry? Our latest pick is the Sanyo Classic Car Radio In-dash Cassette Car Stereo. […]

German Car Stereo Brands: A Complete List

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When it comes to innovations that have taken place in car stereos, German car stereo brands are worth noting. The German company Blaupunkt launched the first-ever car radio worldwide. These manufacturers, like the Japanese car stereo brands, are noticeably great audio makers. And has remained in the limelight till now as a producer of quality […]

Android Auto Audio Quality: 9 Simple Sound Improvement Hacks

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Android auto, just like CarPlay, helps one access their smartphone’s content on their infotainment screen. You can navigate, receive calls and messages, and even stream music via your infotainment screen. However, most drivers have complained that the Android auto audio quality is poor. A common issue with the Android auto audio quality is that it […]

Japanese Car Stereo Brands: A Complete List

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As far as Car stereo brands are concerned, the Japanese Car stereo brands stand among the best worldwide. There are different Japanese products when it comes to car stereo brands with high quality.  American car stereo brands aren’t too bad, either! Nevertheless, some brands stand out among the rest in terms of quality, functionality, and […]

How to Check Traffic on Google Maps at Different Times?

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To check traffic at different times with Google maps, you’ll need to visit the website or mobile app. From here, you’ll need to follow the various steps in this article that will allow you to see the typical traffic at various times of the day.  In order to reach your destination as quickly as possible, […]