Boss vs Pioneer Car Stereo: Which Should You Choose?

Boss vs Pioneer Car Stereos - featured image

Installing a new car stereo can drastically change your driving experience, especially if you own an older car that didn’t come with a great car stereo. You will likely encounter the Boss vs. Pioneer car stereo debate by researching the various available options. So, which is the better car stereo brand? Pioneer is the definite […]

Blaupunkt vs Pioneer Car Stereos: Which Should You Choose?

Blaupunkt vs Pioneer Car Stereos - featured image

Choosing the right head unit for your car’s audio system is critical.  The head unit will still dramatically impact sound quality and usability, no matter how much you spend on other components like speakers and amplifiers. Pioneer and Blaupunkt are both well-known car audio brands, but which one should you choose? Blaupunkt’s head units are […]

Blaupunkt vs Sony Car Stereos: Which Should You Choose?

The stereo you choose plays a massive role in the sound quality of your in-car entertainment system and what devices you can listen to music from. There are many well-known car audio manufacturers like Sony and Blaupunkt, but which should you choose? Sony’s car stereos are much better than Blaupunkt. Blaupunkt and Sony are tenured […]

Google Hangouts CarPlay: How To Download & Use

If you’re someone that uses Google Hangouts frequently for chats and video calls, you may be wondering whether it can connect to CarPlay. After all, it would be really convenient to schedule your chats and meetings while driving! So, how do you set up and use Google Hangouts on CarPlay?  Before we start, you cannot […]

Telegram CarPlay App: Is it Compatible & What you Need to Know!

As an avid fan of the Telegram app, knowing that this application is compatible with a wide variety of devices from Android, iOS, Windows, Mac to Linux platforms is something to smile about. But is this popular messaging app compatible with CarPlay? Let’s find out. The Telegram messaging app is compatible with Apple CarPlay and […]

Zoom CarPlay App: What you need to know!

Apple has finally delivered a superior video conferencing experience on Zoom CarPlay. The app offers all the features of Zoom’s web conferencing platform but with an interface that feels natural and seamless on macOS. The app even integrates with CarPlay, allowing you to join or host a meeting while driving. CarPlay Zoom is the perfect […]

Sony VS Kenwood Car Stereos: Which Should You Choose?

Sony vs Kenwood Car Stereos - featured image

The head unit is an excellent place to start if you’re considering upgrading your car’s audio system. Spending loads of money on speakers and amplifiers could be pointless if the sound source isn’t up to par. Sony and Kenwood are both seasoned players in the car audio space, but which brand will give you the […]

How To Turn Off Apple Maps Voice (Mute Siri)

how to turn off apple maps voice - featured image

The Apple Maps voice navigation function is handy for safe driving and general accessibility. However, sometimes it’s more of a distraction, and you may want to turn it off or lower the volume. Here are some easy steps for how to turn off Apple Maps voice: Ensure your vehicle is stationary. Open your iPhone and […]

Safari CarPlay: Is the App Compatible?

Safari CarPlay app - featured image

One of the reasons people love iPhones is because they have many built-in accessibility features, assistive apps, and adaptive apps. You’ll find great features on iPhones such as CarPlay, Safari, and Siri. One frequently asked question by iPhone users is whether you can use Safari via CarPlay. You cannot use Safari via CarPlay as the […]

Does the Music Stop in a Car Crash? Does Audio Keep Playing?

Does the Music Stop in a Car Crash - featured image

The car battery powers the car’s electrical systems, including the radio, headlamps, heating systems, and virtually anything that needs electrical power. A crash may damage the car’s electrical wiring, disrupting the regular operation of these systems. But does the music stop in a car crash? Your car music may or may not stop in a […]