Apple Maps CarPlay Settings

Apple Maps CarPlay Settings

Navigating from place to place used to be a bit of a nightmare, but introducing the latest navigation apps such as Apple map and Google Maps is a lot easier.

With this being said, you may want to customize your navigational experience within Apple maps CarPlay or wireless CarPlay settings.

So in this article, we’ll be discussing what changes you can make and settings you can tailor within the Carplay environment.

To summarize:

Apple Maps CarPlay settings are minimal and do not offer many settings that you can change for your preference. The two main options you have are to mute and unmute navigational audio and navigation route view options. 


Apple Maps Carplay Setting

As we’ve discussed, there are limited options in customizing the Apple maps CarPlay setting, which is in stark contrast to the Google maps CarPlay settings, which have a plethora of options and settings.

The main settings and options are viewable from the main navigation screen.

You can view the settings screen as seen below by pressing the grey arrow button in the bottom right. This will bring up three options “Search,” Mute / Unmute,” “Share ETA,” and “End Route.”

Other options can be changed by selecting the blue icons on the left-hand side (Seen below). From the top-down, the first icon is a broad map view, the second is submitting a report, and the last three icons allow for moving the map.


Apple Maps CarPlay Basic Settings
Apple Maps CarPlay Basic Settings

Bottom Right Tab Settings / Options

  • Search: The search option allows you to search for a new destination or stop, which you can divert to or add to your journey.
  • Unmute / Mute: The mute and unmute options enable you to unmute navigational audio from playing. This is useful if you’re driving within a city and having frequent audio queues that can be annoying, allowing you to glance at the map instead.
  • Share ETA: The Share ETA feature is a great addition that is only also available in Waze. This allows you to text friends and family or anyone in your contacts your current ETA/arrival time.
  • End Route: As it sounds, “End Route” stops the navigation and returns to the map home screen.



Left-hand Side Blue Icons

  • Route View: The top left route view icon allows you to view the entire route from a birds-eye view, so you can see which way Apple maps suggest you take.
  • Hazard / Incident report: The hazard/incident reporting icon in the middle of the blue icons, allows you to submit a report if there is an Accident, Hazard, or Speed Trap (Speed Camara) on your route. This can then be displayed to other road users to warn them—a pretty cool feature.
  • Map view: The last three icons, the four arrows, pulse icon, and minus icon, allow you to move the map around and zoom in and out. This can let you see what’s ahead or around your route.

apple maps carplay home page


Apple Maps Carplay Settings VS the iPhone App

As we’ve shown, the Apple CarPlay build-in App has limited options and setting available. This can be a little confusing as the iPhone app has many more features such as:

  • Enabling traffic
  • Viewing/editing public transport routes
  • Enabling satellite view, traffic, and labels


If you wish to use CarPlay and Apple maps, you’ll have to be happy with the default setup. Hopefully, in future updates, Apple will add additional features and options, but there are limited options at the time of writing.

This is one of the main reasons why we recommend Google Maps or Waze CarPlay Apps.

Apple Maps Satellite View Setting
Apple Maps Satellite View Setting


All other Apple Maps CarPlay Settings & Options

We haven’t discussed various other features in the default CarPlay Apple Maps has in this article. However, the video below nicely visually outlines every single one. So take a look if you’re interested.


Final Thought

We hope you’ve found this article useful and enlightened you about the various Apple Maps CarPlay Settings, of which there aren’t many.

This should now help you make any of the small changes you need.

Best of luck

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