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Dolby Atoms is an amazing immersive experience, allowing for superior music quality.

But, what is it, and how do you use it in combination with Amazon music?

Dolby Atoms is a premium feature, part of the Amazon Music Unlimited account, which is an add-on to the regular prime music account. Dolby Atmos tracks are clearly labeled by the logo and are compatible with many famous artists.

What is Dolby Atoms

dolby atoms logo as seen in carplay


Dolby atom is a great music experience, that allows you to hear the music like you’re in the middle of the action.

Watch the video below to hear what it sounds like.

PS: Wear headphones for the best results. 

Pretty cool!

How can I get & Use Amazon Music Dolby Atmos?

You can stream music through the amazing Dolby Atmos quality with an Amazon Music Unlimited account; this is an additional charge to the Amazon Prime membership where you have access to stream music. 

TIP: If you’re interested in trying out Amazon Music Unlimited, they offer a 30-day free trial to test out the full experience!

Once you have an unlimited account, simply connect to Echo Studio or a mobile device with the App installed. 

You can download the Amazon Music through all the major app stores, such as:


After you’ve got the app, you’ll want to find compatible songs and artists.

Amazon Music Compatible Artists and Playlists 

amazon music dolby atoms playlist

Amazon clearly labels music through their user interface using the Dolby Atmos logo, so you know which songs are compatible.

Lots of major artists are compatible with Dolby Atoms and Amazon music. 

These include:

  • Halsey
  • The Beatles
  • Sam Smith
  • J Balvin
  • Elton John
  • Pear Jam
  • Jonas Brothers
  • Jackson 5
  • The weeknd 
  • And more…

You can find a complete playlist full of the best Dolby Atoms Music here:

(You’ll need to be an Amazon Music Unlimited member to access it, though)

That way, you won’t need to search through each song.

Dolby Atmos for Amazon Music and CarPlay

Dolby Atmos also works via CarPlay, and it will work in combination with the Amazon Music CarPlay App.

There are several other Carplay and regular apps that also offer Dolby Atoms. These include:

  • Apple Music (All Plans)
  • Tidal Carplay & Regular App (HIFI Plus Account)
  • Amazon Music (Unlimited Account)


Frequently asked questions from Amazon Music, and Dolby Atoms users.

Does Amazon Music have Dolby Atmos?

Yes, but you must be an Amazon Music Unlimited account holder, which is an additional charge.

Where can I find Atmos music on Amazon?

You can find and access Dolby Atoms tracks through any Amazon Music platform, just make sure it’s a compatible device, and you have an Amazon Music Unlimited account. 

You can find a large amount of Dolby Atoms songs in the dedicated playlist.

Does Amazon Prime have Dolby Atoms?

Amazon Prime users will need to upgrade to an unlimited account to access Dolby Atoms music. 

Some Amazon Prime movies are included in the basic plan. However, the selection is limited:

  • Suspiria 
  • Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan 
  • Bosch 

Final Thoughts

If you want high-quality music, using Dolby Atoms via Amazon Music, it may be a good option. 

The cost is more, but if you have a compatible device, it could improve your listening experience.

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