Amazon Music CarPlay: What you need to know!

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The Amazon Music CarPlay app is a sophisticated application designed by Amazon. It’s a platform allowing vehicle owners with CarPlay to access unlimited music streaming.

The app is designed to work with your Apple CarPlay in synergy with your iPhone. Of course, CarPlay is an in-car system available to iPhone users, with cars fitted with an infotainment system on the dashboard.

Are you in a hurry?

To get the optimal Amazon music & CarPlay setup, use Amazon Prime Music and install the Amazon Music app from the Apple App Store.

With Amazon Music on Apple CarPlay, you can enjoy unlimited music provided your system is fully subscribed. Meanwhile, Amazon Prime members enjoy Amazon music as part of their membership benefits, in addition to free delivery and video streaming.

You can also use Amazon Music for free with no subscription; however, ads will be included in between tracks.

The Amazon Music app allows you to play any music of your choice online or offline (after downloading) as you cruise around town in your beautiful car.

The Apple CarPlay Amazon music app is available online anytime, any day.

Amazon Music Carplay Playing screen
Amazon Music Carplay Playing screen


Amazon Music CarPlay Features

The Amazon prime music CarPlay app has interesting and user-friendly features that make your driving experience more enjoyable.

The features are designed to let you enjoy unlimited music with only a few touches on the infotainment screen or via Siri voice instructions. Some of the features of the Amazon music CarPlay app include the following:

Suggested playlists

With the Amazon music CarPlay app, you can access a set of awesome music collections nicely compiled in a suggested playlists section. Once you tap a song on the playlist, you can enjoy your ride throughout your journey without another click for a nice song.

Similar to how it works with the iPhone app.


The Amazon prime music CarPlay app also features a section for various music albums by your favorite music artists. Once you select a specific album, you can enjoy all the tracks from the album while on the road.

Large buttons

Once you enable the Amazon music app on CarPlay, the Car Mode divides into two parts. The top section is designed for playback control buttons, including skip, pause, and play.

Meanwhile, the bottom area covers a playlist of music suggestions. With just a simple click or a swipe, you can switch the songs on the playlist to any of your favorite music.

Amazon Music CarPlay App options
Amazon Music CarPlay App options

Listen offline

With Amazon Music, you can listen to music offline, so even if you are in the remotest of areas, you’ll still be able to still to your favorite tunes.


Amazon Music Carplay App listen offline
Amazon Music Carplay App – Listen Offline


Amazon music stations allow you to play a range of top-rated songs for selected genres that will suit all types of music lovers. Moreover, the “stations” music is also managed, so you are always served the latest music.

Unless, of course, it’s timeless music such as “80s,” they’ll be less rotation or changing of music.


How to Play Amazon Music on Apple CarPlay?

If you want to enjoy the benefits of having the Amazon music CarPlay app, you only have to download the music app and do the needful. The following is the process to get the Amazon prime music CarPlay app on your iPhone.

  1. Visit the App Store
  2. Search for “Amazon Music”
  3. Select Download
  4.  Open the app and follow the signing/signup process. Make sure you have Amazon Prime Music  (For the best experience).
  5. Connect to carplay with a wire or wirelessly, and the app will appear on your CarPlay stereo.

Like so:


Once you download the app, go to your car’s infotainment screen and launch the Amazon music app immediately. Then, select a playlist and enjoy your favorite songs.

Amazon Music Apple CarPlay Problems

Although, from our testing, the Amazon music CarPlay app has been reliable; there have been a small number of reported issues.

These are the most common, and how you might be able to resolve them.

Amazon Music app crashing.

One of the problems Amazon music users face while using the Amazon music CarPlay app is an unexpected crashing, unresponsiveness, or stopping.

If you are facing this challenge, restart the Amazon music app. Exiting the app and re-launching it should fix the issue as well. However, if the problem remains, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Corrupted cache files

Since the Amazon music app is connected to thousands/millions of music playlists and albums online, there is a tendency to build cache or corrupted files.

In this case, you need to access the storage of your iPhone and tap Clear Cache and Clear Data. If this doesn’t work out, you may have to uninstall and reinstall the Amazon music app afresh.

Final Words

If you want unlimited music online, downloading the Amazon Music Apple CarPlay app is the way. With a monthly/yearly subscription, you can enjoy your favorite songs AD-free every day on the road.

If you’re already paying for another music subscription, you can likely use that app with car play as well. Most support CarPlay. But check out our best CarPlay music apps which we outline and rank.

The only exception is SoundCloud which doesn’t have a CarPlay App.

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