How To Allow CarPlay While Locked?

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If you use CarPlay regularly, your car will automatically connect with your iPhone.

However, sometimes CarPlay may not work when your phone is locked, and you’ll get a prompt to unlock your phone first, which can be an issue while driving.

So, how do you use CarPlay without unlocking your phone? 

Here’s how to allow CarPlay while locked: 

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Select “general” then “CarPlay”
  • Select your vehicle and click on the “i” icon.
  • Enable “Allow CarPlay While Locked.” 
  • Troubleshoot other CarPlay connection problems. 

These steps are straightforward, and the rest of this article will guide you through them. 

See the video below which explains the process from a screen recording:


In this article, we will also give you troubleshooting tips on fixing CarPlay connection problems. 

1. Open the CarPlay Settings on Your iPhone

allow carplay while locked - general settings page

If you see the prompt “Unlock Your iPhone to Start CarPlay” every time you enter your vehicle, you’ll have to provide face or fingerprint verification.

This process can be a distraction when you’re driving. Fortunately, you can turn off the verification for CarPlay access in your iPhone settings. 

To do so, go into “settings” on your iPhone and select “General.” Under the general settings, click on “CarPlay.” You’ll see a list of vehicles connected to CarPlay. 

2. Select Your Vehicle and Click on the “i” Icon

allow carplay while locked - carplay page

In the list of vehicles on your phone, select the car for which you want to disable CarPlay verification.

Then, click on the “i” icon next to your vehicle’s name to access settings. You’ll see a list of options, including “forget this car” and “customize.” 

3. Enable “Allow CarPlay While Locked.” 

allow carplay while locked - car page

Click on the toggle for “enable CarPlay when locked.” You will now be able to use CarPlay in your vehicle without having to provide face or fingerprint verification on your iPhone.

If you want to disable these settings, simply repeat the steps and switch off the “allow CarPlay while locked” option. 

Troubleshoot Other CarPlay Connection Problems 

While CarPlay should work when the iPhone is locked if you have enabled the proper settings, sometimes you may face problems connecting to CarPlay. 

Some users have reported facing the lock screen problem even though the “allow CarPlay while locked” function was on. You may also face problems where some features of CarPlay don’t work, even though the iPhone is connected. 

Here are some common causes of CarPlay not working and their solutions: 

CarPlay Doesn’t Work When Phone’s Screen is Locked 

If you’ve implemented the above steps and your CarPlay still doesn’t connect when the phone’s screen is locked, it’s probably due to a recent update.

Try unpairing your vehicle from CarPlay and then pairing it again to fix this. 

If this doesn’t work, the problem could be with an outdated software system in your car.

This issue is usually a problem in older cars, and you can check for updates by connecting with your vehicle manufacturer. 

CarPlay Doesn’t Connect at All 

Most CarPlay connection problems occur due to Bluetooth issues or the wrong settings on your iPhone.

Open the CarPlay settings on your phone and check that your vehicle is connected. You can also check that the Bluetooth and your car’s entertainment system are on and working. 

Before looking at your phone’s system and other possible problems:

  1. Check that Siri is on since CarPlay won’t work if Siri is off.
  2. In the Siri settings on your phone, ensure that the option to “allow Siri while locked” is enabled.
  3. Test this function by saying “Hey Siri” when the iPhone is locked. 

See our article on the top CarPlay Siri commands for more information.

If CarPlay doesn’t work on several devices, it’s likely because you’ve disabled it from the Screen Time settings on your iPhone.

To enable CarPlay, go onto Screen Time settings and select “Content and Privacy Settings.” Make sure CarPlay is on the list of allowed apps. 

Another reason why CarPlay isn’t connecting to your iPhone is because of an outdated iOS system.

Check that your phone & CarPlays firmware are updated to the latest version and reconnect your vehicle after updates. 

CarPlay Doesn’t Connect Without a Cable

If the wireless connection feature of CarPlay isn’t working, it could be that your phone’s Bluetooth is off or the phone is in Airplane mode.

However, not all vehicles support wireless connectivity, so ensure the cable you’re using works.

Also, check that you connect the USB cable to the correct port for the media functions to work. 

Final Thoughts

If your CarPlay is not working whenever you lock your phone, you may be able to fix the issue by changing your vehicle settings on your phone. 

Be sure to enable the “allow CarPlay while locked” feature, ensure that Bluetooth and Siri are on, and check for firmware updates to fix the issue. 

Lastly, if your cable is broken or unsupported, CarPlay won’t work. So, you may need to get a new cable if nothing else helps. 

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